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Our vision

On a long drive through beautiful countryside, the last thing anyone would want to encounter is a road full of potholes that slows down the journey and causes costly damage.

NS Employment Law is committed to helping small to medium businesses put their most important relationships - those with their people – on a sound footing to avoid the potholes on their employment journey. Avoiding these challenges allows the employment relationship to grow safely, productively, and to the benefit of all parties.

When employers get the employment details right, it saves both them and their employees money and stress.

Its time to avoid the potholes.

At NS Employment Law, our purpose is to create value for our customers through the application of employment law expertise, allowing them to establish productive employment arrangements with their employees.

Our Values:

  • Respect

  • Fairness

  • Integrity

We are successful when:

  • Our clients have developed employment contracts for their people that are effective and sustainable.

  • We are our clients first port of call for employment law advice; and when

  • Our service exceeds the high expectations of our clients.



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Neil Salvador (LLB, Dip Bus, Dip Teaching) has extensive legal experience gained in large public organisations whilst holding senior management roles.

Having developed best practice employment law solutions, and negotiated vast numbers of employment agreements, Neil is equipped with the expertise to protect your business interests.

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  • Workplace Policies & Procedures

  • Workplace Investigations

  • Managing Misconduct

  • Workplace Training

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